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Milltronics 9000-DGI Series Control

Powerful. Intuitive.
Efficient. Productive.

At Milltronics, they are constantly refining our controls to simplify operation, shorten setup times, and provide features that reduce cycle times. The 9000-DGI Series control features 120 GB disk storage, 4GB memory, up to 10-times better graphic performance, mid-travel tactile keys, and an enlarged 15″ LCD touch screen. It’s a Windows®-based platform and offers all the user-friendly features that Milltronics CNC controls are known for, such as the G-code visualization screen.


With its conversational programming, on screen help, intuitive menus, color graphics, and prompted tool settings, the 9000 CNC helps new operators
get up to speed quickly. The 9000 CNC makes it the one machine in the shop that everyone wants to operate.


The 9000-DGI CNC is packed with features that allow quick and confident operation of the CNC:

  • Solid model graphics allow the operator to see a completed part prior to cutting.
  • Mid program restart allows the operator to start anywhere in a program by verifying the graphics and then switching to Run Mode. It’s simple – no need for G&M code expertise!
  • Handwheel run allows the operator to run a program in a controlled mode where motion only
    occurs while the handwheel is turning. This feature allows operators to verify programs with total control and complete confidence.



  • The 9000-DGI CNC features a dual-core processor and high-speed motion control that is capable of executing 3,000 blocks per second. Execute the most demanding programs in the shortest time.
  • The 9000-DGI CNC is equipped with a 120 GB solid state drive, 4 GB RAM memory, USB ports and
    Ethernet connectivity.


The 9000-DGI CNC allows operators to run parts programmed conversationally or tool paths generated by a CAM system. Coupled with a superfast motion control system, feature-packed CNC, and an interface designed to expedite setup and operation, the 9000-DGI CNC is the solution to helping your operator make parts faster and better.



The Milltronics CNC control is straightforward and easy-to-use. Whether you choose Conversational programming, industry standard G&M code or use a CAD/CAM system, the 9000 CNC gives you the flexibility to use the most efficient program for each part.