Engineering Solutions

Our Application Engineering team has over 100 plus years of combined machining experience which is utilized on all projects. We are experienced, fully dedicated and customer oriented.

Process Evaluation

Whether you’re looking to improve what you are already doing or exploring the viability of a new design, our team is ready to assist you. We can provide recommendations on how to reduce cycle time and set-up time. In addition, we can provide recommendations with “operation consolidation”, reducing the number of operations it takes to make a part. A reduction in machining operations equates to an increase in profits.


As your single-source partner, EMEC will provide a guaranteed production solution; we will manage and supply all required items to ensure a cost-efficient and reliable process.

From capital equipment, work-holding, tooling and programming, we will include everything you need to be self-sufficient in operating your system. This includes onsite training, full validation machining time and part quality, as well as engineering documentation.

We Are In This Together

Training & Support

Our application engineers are available to perform on-site or virtual training for machine operation and programming. Including training on interactive software, basic machining, and full turnkey solutions for the most complexed parts. Our engineers provide a comprehensive and complete level of support you need. Whether it’s providing phone support, onsite assistance or taking you from print to part, EMEC application engineers are here to support you.

Additional Engineering Solutions


Our application engineers work closely with our Area Sales Managers to match you with the best solution for your machining needs. This includes providing work holding & tooling recommendations. Enhance the expertise of your in-house engineering team with our decades of experience across many industries. We can provide a process and cycle time analysis to assist you in calculating your ROI. We have machines set up in our showroom to provide you with demonstrations or our machine’s capabilities. These machines are also available to perform test cuts on customer specific parts.


Our engineering team can provide solutions for tooling and component verification. For tooling we can offer tool setting, pre-setting with feedback, or tool monitoring including contact, non-contact and through software. In addition, we can use in process gauging to help reduce set-up time, check tool ware and part inspection. Post process gauging can also be used to automatically provide offset feedback to the machine for offset adjustments.


Our engineering team can provide support with Okuma's Smart Factory - Connect Plan system. Okuma's Connect Plan is a system that provides analytics for improved utilization by connecting machine tools and visual control of factory operations. You cannot improve what you can’t measure.


At EMEC we are here to assist you with your challenging manufacturing needs!Question about your machine tool? Programming Assistance? Machine Recommendation?

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