For over twenty five years EMEC Machine Tools has been helping Canadian manufacturers maintain a competitive advantage in a global economy by supplying leading edge manufacturing solutions to the metal working industry.

Along with the finest CNC machine tools in the business we offer industry leading support and services with our factory trained team of application and service engineers. This allied to our customer first approach has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide you with the best cradle to grave support available.

We would like to invite you to check out some of our high technology machines in our showroom and witness the depth of our expertise.

Our Products

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Okuma LB3000 EX II


Horizontal Lathe

The largest horizontal lathe part of the “Affordable Excellence” collection of machines, the LB3000 EX II is built on Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept to ensure minimal thermal growth, and slanted box bed construction translates to unsurpassed quality and rigidity.

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Horizontal Machining Center

The Okuma MA-600HIII is a horizontal machining center built for long runs without the need for human intervention. With a powerful new spindle, improved chip discharge performance, and the capability to machine a wide range of materials with high efficiency, this machine is reliable for running lights-out. Featuring a ‘sludgeless tank’ and a new generation of ECO suite, the MA-600HIII offers a major reduction in environmental impact without compromising accuracy and stability. The MA-600HIII can also utilize an impressive lineup of automation systems.

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3-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Highly rigid, thermally stable construction allows this vertical machining center to withstand thermal deformation, resulting in reduced thermal growth and improved machining performance. It can handle a variety of materials, from titanium to aluminum, and does so without sacrificing finish quality or productivity.

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32 mm, 5-Axis Vertical Gang Tool Lathe

The Tsugami B0325V-III Swiss Type Lathe offers increased tooling on Tsugami’s already robust B0, 5-axis platform. With an added vertical tool post, this machine incorporates 5 modular, driven tools for increased milling capabilities. With a total of 25 tool positions, machining complex parts is made easy.

Duplex Machines

Duplex, more than two

DUPLEX milling machines are two machines located one opposite the other, which can work separately or as a single milling machine, when workpiece can be machined with 2 simultaneous spindles. Advantages include: Improvements in part precision, by managing to do the machining of the part in one single setup, in most of the cases, one sole operator can control the DUPLEX milling machines and reduced space and investment requirement comparing with two single machines


Tool Room Mill

The TRM3016 is a tool room mill that offers large travels, speed and power at a great price. A unique feature of the TRM Series is the “drop down” door openings that allow long part pass through to help accommodate oversize parts.

Our Services & Solutions

EMEC Machine Tools is able to supply many of the most technically advanced machine tools available in the industry and offer an exceptional level of service & training to complement that equipment.

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Experience the EMEC Difference!

Visit our facility to see a good selection of our equipment and get to know our organization. We are more than happy to welcome you in our showroom at all locations. Enjoy the virtual tour here to the collection online or plan a visit to experience it yourself.
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Shai Offir

Ofir Machine Shop

In the last five years, we’ve really focused on the latest technology for our shop. Our father focused on investing in 2-axis CNC lathes and 3-axis CNC mills. Part of our job is to focus on the multiaxis front, particularly on our lathes. That has really transformed the way that we think about the business, the jobs that we can do, how we price the jobs, and how we’re competing. It’s really changed a lot for us.

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Okuma’s Automation Solutions

Okuma’s automation solutions were designed to increase efficiency and profitability in your manufacturing through automated processes. With automatic pallet changers, the Okuma Gantry Loader and the new ROID series, Okuma’s line of next-generation automation solutions provides exceptional precision in automated tasks and will change the way you operate. Increased uptime and easy-to-use interfaces allow you to increase efficiency easily and in a streamlined manner.

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