In part due to growth and labour challenges, manufacturing companies are asking for accessible and simple automation. These automated solutions can increase efficiencies, reduce scrap and eliminate work related hazards, resulting in increased profitability.

Some technologies within our automation offerings are Okuma’s Roid series, palletized systems and Overhead gantry loaders (OGL). In addition, we can offer AWR’s Load & Go and custom automation solutions from several of our automation solution partners.

Okuma Automation

Okuma’s automation solutions were designed to increase efficiency and profitability in your manufacturing through automated processes. With automatic pallet changers, the Okuma Gantry Loader and the new ROID series, Okuma’s line of next-generation automation solutions provides exceptional precision in automated tasks and will change the way you operate. Increased uptime and easy-to-use interfaces allow you to increase efficiency easily and in a streamlined manner.

Soraluce Automation

From a single machine with a simple pallet transfer control integrated in the CNC to a flexible machining cell composed of multiple machines with workpieces up to 7 x 2 m and tool feeding systems managed by an Industrial PC to support very complex management software. Soraluce is able to tackle automation projects at all these different levels.

Additional Automation Solutions


Okuma’s ARMROID is a built-in robot packaged within the machine tool. ARMROID functionality includes part loading and unloading, chatter suppression, chip removal, and in-machine cleaning, ensuring that your Okuma machine is consistently operating at its highest efficiency.


Okuma’s STANDROID is a standalone robot package that provides automation in high-mix, low to medium-volume production. STANDROID’s easy robot operation and compact space solve some of the major hurdles robot automation has faced before, along with the ease of operation that comes with a single operation panel.


Adding a palletized system to a machine can greatly reduce set-up time and scrap. It also allows for lights out/unmanned operation.


Okuma’s OGL comes in several combinations that can be matched to your process requirements, from single and dual loads to single and dual stackers. With or without turn-over stations built in. Okumas OGL can also be customizable to include gauging or conveyors.

Bar Feeders

Bar feeders come in a wide range of sizes and connect seamlessly with our CNC lathes. Unmanned operation is common with bar feeder installations

Machine Monitoring

Machine monitoring is a software-based system that collects machine tool data and provides detailed information that can be used to fine-tune processes and improve productivity. With the data collected, machine utilization can be increased or remedial measures put in place for under preforming equipment. Most software will provide visual information of factory operations which can be accessed anywhere: shop floor, office, smartphone etc. “If you can’t measure, you can’t improve!”


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