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Adaptive Control Technology

Optimum Performance Under Control

SORALUCE ADAPTIVE CONTROL adjusts automatically the defined cutting parameters depending on the real machining situation.

When the power consumption of the spindle is less than programmed, the machine can speed up the feed, shortening the machining time. By contrast, when the power consumption is higher than programmed, the machine automatically slows down the feed to protect the tool, the workpiece and the machine.

Challenges to Overcome

Long cycle times, spindle overload and short tool life due to:

  • Reduced cutting capability (especially when ram is extended
  • Fluctuations in dimensions or in material
  • Fluctuations in cutting depth, tool wear or material hardness
  • Variable rigidity of workpiece
  • Air gaps during cutting


  • Optimizes cycle time
  • Enables unattended machining
  • Increases machine and tool life
  • No learning process is required
  • Processing time is reduced by up to 25 %
  • Reduces the total energy consumption
  • Learning process is not required