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Vertical Ram Balance Technology

Improved precision in big working volumes

The innovative VERTICAL RAM BALANCE compensates this effect by a CNC-controlled electromechanical system assembled within the saddle. It works as an additional CNC axis and it is closed-loop-controlled with its own direct position measuring system.

The system ensures maximum accuracy in the perpendicularity of the X-Z axes, whatever the working position.

It is equipped with a friendly user interface that makes it possible to control the evolution of the process, offering comprehensive information about the existence of chatter, vibration level and, in case of chatter detection, the technology enabled to suppress it.

Challenges to Overcome

Reduction of machine accuracy due to the deformation of the cross beam of large portal machines.

Large portal machines suffer certain deformations because of the moving weight of the saddle and ram along the cross beam.

Roll error derived from the deformation of the structure induces a perpendicularity error as well as a Z axis dependent position deviation of the tool.


  • Available for portal and gantry machines
  • It increases the machine precision
  • Improved finishing results
  • The system is 100% controlled at any time, in any position
  • Configurable compensation values
  • Real-time compensation
  • Works both in positive and negative directions