mississauga Tech Centre

The EMEC Tech Centre allows our customers to experience live-cutting machine demonstrations and meet with our inhouse service & application engineers.


  • Over 5 CNC machines on display
  • Inhouse service & application engineers
  • Two boardroom training facilities
  • CNC Control Simulators

machines on display

Automation Hooked Up
Okuma LB3000 EX II

LB3000 EX II

Horizontal Lathe

The largest horizontal lathe part of the “Affordable Excellence” collection of machines, the LB3000 EX II is built on Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept to ensure minimal thermal growth, and slanted box bed construction translates to unsurpassed quality and rigidity.

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Multitasking Machine

Okuma’s MULTUS B250 II is the ultimate fusion of turn-mill operations, with lathe, vertical, or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations consolidated into one 6- to 8-inch chuck class machine.

Automation Hooked Up


3-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Highly rigid, thermally stable construction allows this vertical machining center to withstand thermal deformation, resulting in reduced thermal growth and improved machining performance. It can handle a variety of materials, from titanium to aluminum, and does so without sacrificing finish quality or productivity.

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65 mm, 5-Axis Multifunction Turning Center

The TMA8F is a 6-Axis Turn/Mill equipped with a 60 tool magazine and the ability to perform full 5-Axis simultaneous machining to machine complex parts complete in a compact, flexible machine tool. You can take the most complex part and perform a full range of operations: CNC milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading in a single set-up.

technology on display

New Product

Load & Go VBX-160

Integrated with the Okuma

The Load & Go VBX Series is a machine tending solution for vertical CNC mils that is easy-to-use, versatile, and reliable. Patented MultiGrip™ workholding allows you to automate multiple OP10/OP20 part numbers in high- mix, low-volume manufacturing.

New Product

Load & GO DC-1 Drawer Cell

Integrated with the Okuma
LB3000 EX II

An automatic machine tending system for your CNC lathe with a compact footprint and flexible templates to accommodate small or large parts. Equipped with video instructions that are easy to understand in any language, no experience or robot programming is needed.

Connect Plan

Machine Monitoring

Connect Plan provides analytics for improved utilization by connecting machine tools and providing visual information of factory operations and machining. Simply connect the OSP control (accommodations can also be made for non-Okuma controls) to a server and install the Factory Monitor suite on the server to see the machine operation status from the shop floor, from an office, from a smartphone, or virtually anywhere.

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